The Power Of The Multinational Corporation

Posted: April 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Multinational corporations have more power than any other organization in our society. As a result, these corporations have a responsibility to make sound decisions by incorporating communication in the decision-making process.Corporations would be far less damaging and far more productive if managers would relinquish control over decisions and involve stakeholders in the decision- making process. Communication in businesses is not purely a transformation of ideas but an equal exchange of them. And only through the use of negotiation and open dialogue can communication truly be achieved.

Corporations are putting our ideals and values in jeopardy.The desire for control in the corporate world can overshadow better judgment. In addition, democracy is being distorted by not allowing everyone involved a platform in which to voice his or her opinion. As poor and misinformed corporate choices continually affect our health, environment, and other important issues, I strongly believe that the inclusion of invested citizens in important decisions will shed light on hidden agendas and preserve human interest.


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