Social Media Dependence

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

I was in Cuba last February and there was no access to the internet. In addition, I had no phone service. Until that trip, I never realized how much I rely on electronic media.  The first couple of days I felt extremely isolated. There were times I felt waves of anxiety because I thought I might be missing important information.  It took a few days for me to adjust to it and quite honestly, it was liberating to walk out of my hotel without my iPhone. During my stay in Cuba, I said to myself that I was going to try and control my reliance on electronic media. But now months later, I’m right back to my old habits.

Very few can deny the effectiveness and the efficiency of social media. However, I wonder about the psychological implications it will have on us in the future. Will it just be a matter of time before we are clinically treated for our dependence on social media?




  1. tesspowell says:

    I share your concern, especially for the generation born into the internet age. I bet you we will see studies on how it effects our ability to communicate in real life. It already is handicapping some students with writing. We’ll see

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