The Power Of Reciprocity

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

The methodologies of traditional marketing are in decline. The antiquated practices of pitching products or services are being replaced by the concept of delivering information that may make potential prospects more informed. Content Marketing, through blogs, social media, online press releases and viral videos, may provide a strategic pattern of providing this valued and relevant information on a consistent basis (Acevero, 2012).  It may be the responsibility of brand managers, communications professionals, and marketers to utilize influential social media resources to understand the social demographic and how the markets are affected. In addition to helping the online community connect and communicate, new social media services such as Klout and PeerIndex can rank online users influential potential to the community they are connected to. Additionally, brands are realizing the marketing values of these current services which may help organizations identify connected and pertinent social network users (Solis, 2012). ). In order to generate online consumer interest, businesses are using various persuasive techniques. First, individuals may have to establish credibility in their niche to their subscribers.  Once credibility has been formed and individuals have responded favorably, businesses may respond with addition valuable information (John, 2012). The strong sense of obliged integrity that stems form reciprocity may be a powerful dynamic to increase online sales.


  1. Kris Wheeler says:

    Wondering if this is the same Sean I used to have in depth conversations with about this a decade ago on similiar topics while he was going to school and working monday 80’s nights while I hung out with Carl and brought him back a jack in the box antenna thingy. Can’t find an e-mail to send a specific
    note to so posting here. If it is, would welcome the opportunity to grab a beer, catch up and hear a few thoughts in person. If I’m wrong then well giving you a few of my thoughts to redeem myself here.. lol

    Kris(Kristina) Wheeler –

    On that note I will agree with a good portion of your post, today’s consumers want to be pulled in and feel as if it was their idea to do something, you can’t not “push” an idea at them, making them feel involved and that their influence has real meaning in the product development will highly influence their decisions. Many of the dollars previously spent on things such as launch parties to try to wine and dine the influential “few” have now been better targeted and trying to be the “it” in the few minutes of social media attention that it can garner.

    This has been a boon to some of the start ups, as they are not hindered with legacy heirarchal points of view that you must deal with ten spools of red tape. In many ways their lack of budgets for marketing dollars and learning to creatively master the social media world of consumer involvement puts them well ahead of the game in terms of connecting with their consumer base.

    However even with that all being said, on another note as much as we all seem to be connected through social media, and people can state I have 700 friends, and 1000 twitter followers – it has highly moved us away from truly being connected and having close intimate friendships that reduce the impact of stress and glucocorticoids. And then we are reduced to trying to find an old friend that we greatly appreciated their brain to have indepth conversations with through google on occasion.

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