The Evolution Of The Global Electronic Community

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The Evolution of the global electronic community

Communities define technology as what is new and different. It sees ways technology changes methodology and moves with its changes. The degree to which communities move with it and in what direction may be greatly determined by the importance it has placed on the technology itself. This has been apparent throughout history. In times of war, scientists were made to forgo academic endeavors in pursuit of technological advancements in weaponry (Bush, 1945, p .1). Technology culture sends a lot of mixed signals that can easily shape its values and determine what decisions populations may make. With the discovery of commercial potential for the internet, the initial plans of this technology being used for the sole purpose of research was abandoned (King, Grinter, & Pickering, 1997, p. 21). Furthermore, the way individuals perceive their own worth through technology may have a profound influence on their attachments to it. Stephenson (1999, p. 69) concludes that the technology industry uses this knowledge to create product loyalty by selling an image. This ideology may also be relevant to the population’s attachments to current energy sources. And as communities’ relationships to vital resources change, so might the technology needed to provide them with new forms of energy sources (Tainter, Allen, Little, & Hoekstra, 2003, p. 9).

The stronger individuals’ values are to the technologies they use, the more they may ignore the limitations of those attachments and this may be a problem for analysts and observers.

This report provides a partial solution in the form of an exposition of the trending topics about technology among those committed to reporting about it.

This report was conducted by using, a social bookmaking web service.  Top ranked technology blogs were, reviewed, and placed into specific categories. Google Trends, a service that analyzes traffic for search terms, was used to identify the top performing categories. The following categories registered the highest signal.

  • ·         Blogging, 1.00
  • ·         Online Marketing, 0.82
  • ·         Online PR, 0.16
  • ·         Online Brands, 0.1
  • ·         Social Media use, 0.02


These five categories were entered in Google Trends to perform a rule of 5s analysis. Upon the completion of this examination, the following top three categories were chosen for this report: Apps, online security, and operating systems.

A battle between the operating systems

There has been an age-old battle that is now gaining more and more attention as each operating system is progressing at a record pace. With Apple to release OS X Mountain Lion and Microsoft to launch its Windows 8, the ongoing war between these two companies is inevitable.  Each company will undoubtedly focus on its differing OS innovations to the public. Windows 8 introduces a new touch paradigm, but with a questionable decision on not to offer Office 15 with a touch interface (McCracken, 2012). Another feature that will be different from older version of Widows is the ability to transport Internet Favorites and settings to other computers running Windows 8 (Halsey, 2012). Apple has its own answer to Windows 8 with its upcoming OS, Mountain Lion. Apple’s OS will be able to store services, applications, photos, and music and share them with other devices (Swift, 2012). As the internet becomes more and more a part of every computer user’s life, the wave of battles of the two major operating systems may continue long into the future.

An application for every season

In many ways, apps are a representation of what is changing in personal technology. Facebook’s mobile platform is attracting millions of users per month due to its applications and games (Keene, 2012). And with the increase of user volume, a wide range of apps are being offered. Individuals can gain access to free apps by easily signing up with their Facebook account (Guay, 2012). New applications are helping people in practical ways. For example, there are a number of apps that will help consumers find the cheapest gas as well as provide information on mileage and maintenance (Erickson, 2012). There are even applications to help individuals stay motivated with obligations and resolutions (Guay, 2012).   Increasing reliance on applications may continue to rise as they become more central to everyday life.

A question of ethics

As the evolution of the global electronic community increases, so does the likelihood of unethical computer behavior. New cloud storage and computing services that are accessible from Apple, and will be available from Microsoft, may further fuel growing online security concerns. These services will enable the user to store and access their personal information from any device. However, in order to access this information, these devices will need to recognize you (Fulton, 2012). It appears no one is completely immune to unauthorized identity access. Recently, there was a malfunction with Firewall and Chinese residents had access to President Obama’s Google + page (Messieh, 2012). Accessing unauthorized personal information is not solely carried out by the online community. Facebook has recently admitted to viewing text messages of users who downloaded their smart phone applications (Fulton, 2012). Clearly, the online community might alleviate security concerns by adapting a more serious attitude toward the ethical issues raised as computer technology progresses.

Chicken or the egg

This sample suggests that technology may shape culture. The approaches individuals take may be determined by the technology that is available. Furthermore, as technology develops and changes, so does the process in which people communicate and conduct business. Historically, technology does this by providing cost and time efficient solutions to the needs of its users.



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