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A Gift From Science

Posted: April 1, 2012 in Bikes

Cycling has provided me the opportunity to experience a different world because this human-powered machine has helped me create a new ideology.

1.  What is old is new again.

One of the greatest joys I get from riding my bike is rediscovering a familiar area from a new vantage point. You gain a new perspective of the word when the roof of the car is not blocking your vision. And let’s face it; it’s hard not to smell the flowers when you’ve fallen in them a few times.

2. Can I show you my battle scars?

In the middle of one of my most challenging rides last year in Kona, Hawaii, I took a bad turn on some loose gravel and flew off my bike. I picked my bike up, and continued pounding along my destination.  I felt something wet on my calf and looked down to see a four inch laceration on my leg.  My next scar is waiting for me at the Ride To Conquer Cancer in Vancouver.

3. Saving the world one pedal at a time.

Individuals who leave their car at home are making a conscious decision to save the planet. Civilizations have been pumping carbon dioxide into the ecosystem for generations. I realize bicycles are not the answer to this problem, however I am doing something. I traded my car keys for a bike helmet, and the bicycle saddle is my primary seat to where I need to go.

4. I’ll have the supersized ambition with a coke.

Most of the time, we don’t question the status quo on productivity. The power of the product is a belief so indoctrinated in the psyche of most individuals that we fail to see the damage we create for ourselves. Consequently, I have embraced cycling as a great alternative to massive traffic jams and a double bypass surgery.

5. My other car is a bike.

An important hypothesis that I have come to conclude is that bicycles are the great equalizers of the social classes. Whether you are an elite athlete riding for gold or a parent shuttling their children and food home-it all boils down to three things- a chain and two wheels.

6. The song remains the same.

As a child, my bike was my favorite toy. As a teenager, it became a symbol of my independence. As a university student, cycling provided me with a chance to join a community and form lasting relationships. As a middle-aged man, I realized nothing has changed.

7. He who laughs last, lasts.

Lastly, I would be lying if I said there wasn’t a small part of me that chuckles a little every time I see the price of gas go up. I would also be lying if I said I don’t shake my head in disbelief when I  watch you plug an absurd amount of money in a parking meter where I lock my bike for free.